• Is CLA worth adding to your stack?

  • Forskolin 95(50-100mg a day) and Yohimbine(work up to .02mg/kg upon waking in a fasted state) would be far superior and have more data to back them
    Most CLA Research has shown 6g doses (which is a lot) and on obese individuals with minimal support for fatloss or weightloss.

    Yohimbine works best away from food on insulin (hence take upon waking) and works better in conjunction with caffeine to enhance stubborn fat. Lyle McDonald has a book on it (The Stubborn Fat Protocol 2.0) which has more information regarding it.

    Forskolin attacks cAMP pathways to help enhance fatloss and kick the body into a faster metabolic state of weightloss and attacking fat receptors.

  • @TheSolution Sooooo its worth adding? lol

  • read the research and studies its quite clear for your answer. Same with my initial statement on most CLA Research.

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