R1 Lean Timing

  • REP

    When is the bets time to take R1 Lean 5? The suggested use is one service in 8oz of cold water twice daily. For those who have used it, do you take one serving when you wake up and the other before training? Or both before training? Or on a different schedule?

  • @cpbrendan best would be upon waking and pre-workout (if they are not right when you wake up)

    Getting at least one serving around training is crucial due to the LCLT which helps with recovery and endurance during training. Take full benefit of the ingredients in the profile and give it when the body needs it most.

    If you train upon waking --> 1 pre-workout and one 6-8 hours later
    if you train later at night --> 1 upon waking and 1 pre-workout
    If you train in the afternoon --> 1 pre-workout 1 with last meal.

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