Best Amino Acid Flavor?

    1. What's your guys' favorite amino acids flavor that you have tried?

    2. If you were to create your own aminos, what flavor would you like to use?

  • Best ->>
    Juice Amino's Orange
    Alpha Amino Mixed Berry
    Xtend perform Black Cherry
    Xtend Mango
    Amino IV Mango Splash

    Create my own:
    Arnold Palmer

    Xtend Perform Xtend

    Xtend by SciVation

    See other Aminos

  • Xtend perform black cherry is my favorite taste on the planet haha I also really dig any of the Amino Energy flavors honestly. My number one though is definitely Xtend perform in black cherry. If you're a candy person, MAN Sports Sour Batch is the bees knees also. Strong though.

  • Love to hear the feedback on perform buddy. There are more flavors in the works :)

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