Dr Jekyll vs Mr Hyde

  • Which do you prefer when it comes to Dr Jekyll vs Mr Hyde and why?

  • I prefer Mr. Hyde because one, the 400mg of caffeine speaks for itself energy wise. Also, it is dosed slightly differently. If you are more after a killer pump than energy, example; if you are caffeine sensitive or don't like the jitters. If you're an energy AND performance junkie like myself, go with Hyde. As I said, much more caffeine and it has what ProSupps calls the "three stage energy blend" making it effective over a longer period of time. I feel that Hyde gives me a second wind and keeps me going through even the most intense workouts. Hyde also has ingredients like Hordenine and Yohimbe Bark Extract which are both fat loss and metabolism boosting ingredients. Therefore, both are good products, it all just depends on what you're after. Personally though, I would choose Hyde any day. The caffeine is intense though for real so check the caffeine doses on your current pre-workouts etc. before you take it. Some people get an upset stomach from it or it is simply too much for them.

    I haven't tried it yet, but they JUST released Hyde Cutz. Which is Hyde, but tailored specifically for cutting. It contains ingredients like CLA and L-Carnitine. It has the three stage energy blend and everything. I'm sure it's amazing.

  • REP

    @m.kfitt if you want a pre that doesnt have a lot of stim and gives you vascularity, focus, and energy, then i would go with dr jekyll

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