Leg Day Finishers

  • What're some of everybody's favorite leg day finishers?? I've been trying to find some new finishers to really kill my legs at the end of leg day

  • depending on the leg day, I break my days up. One day I will do quads, and on that day I will do 5 sets of 20 leg extensions. And on hamstring days I will do 5 sets of 20 leg curls. This is an absolute killer!

  • Smith Squats with my feet out in front of me for sets of 10-15
    supersetted with
    paused cambered bar squats sets of 6-8

    Worked up to 2 plates on the smith squat a side and 3 plates a side on the paused squats. Absolutely brutal to your hamstrings.

    Another one of my favorites is an accumulation set on leg press.
    Start at one plate and get 7 reps
    keep adding another plate on each side (have 2 people do this) till you get another 7 reps
    keep adding a plate every 7 reps and see how far you can get.

  • @Alex-Deeter Seated hamstring curls reps go 30, 10, 10 , 10, 30, 10, 10, 10 and do the same for extensions. It's a killer way to end. About 30 sec rest

  • 400 m of walking lunges to end will have you walking funny for a day or two

  • Leg extensions or 5 minutes of lunges without rest are my favorite.

  • @laurwyx3 Been there done that :)

    with a weighted vest

  • 100 reps of air squats! Descending reps of single leg leg extensions

  • @TheSolution okay dude thats legit haha pretty safe to say you're the man :)

  • I aim to please....

    405 x 5 on Squat. Popped a blood vessel in my eye.

  • REP

    Definitely leg extention drop sets to really get that finishing quad pump! I usually do 25 reps of each up to 4 plates, and then 25 reps back down to one plate.. or a few laps of lunges around the track! Both killer finishers that'll get you sweating!

  • You can always try a drop set and build set on leg press(you'll need 2 other people). What you do is load up as many 45's that you can do on each side. Then crank out as many as you can. Then rack it. Once you rack it have the two other people take a plate off then you go right into the next set. Until you reach one plate. Then when you rack it with one plate. They start to add the plates on. Do until you fail.

  • 7x20 reps leg press, 15 sec rest between sets... You could either stay at the same weight or add a plate each set. I prefer to increase the weight each set.

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