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  • I want some feedback on rule 1 guys! Let me know if I should get the red package or the blue one. Thanks y'all!

  • Hey there! The R1 Whey Blend (Blue) is definitely different that the R1 Protein (Red).

    The R1 Protein with the red label is an isolate whey/hydrolysate. It is an extremely pure form of protein. Therefore it is purer than the Whey Blend with the blue label. The red label has no sugar, lactose and no gluten in it whereas the blue label is a blend of whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate and hydrolysate that is LOW in lactose rather than lactose-free. These factors make the red label lower calorie as well. Both proteins have added BCAA's, but the red label also has glutamine, which aids the recovery process. Therefore, if you want a purer protein (typically desired while cutting), I recommend the R1 Protein (red label).

    The red label nutrition facts are as follows:
    1 SCOOP - 100 calories
    Fat - 0g

    • Saturated fat - 0g
    • Tran fat - 0g
      Cholesterol - 5mg
      Sodium - 50mg
      Carbohydrate - 1g
    • Dietary fiber - 0g
    • Sugar - 0g
      Protein - 25g
      0% DV Vitamin A, 0% DV Vitamin C, 10% DV Calcium, 4% DV Iron

    The blue label nutrition facts are as follows:
    1 SCOOP - 130 calories
    Fat - 2g

    • Saturated fat - 1g
    • Trans fat - 0g
      Cholesterol - 55mg
      Sodium - 70mg
      Carbohydrate - 4g
    • Dietary fiber - 0g
    • Sugar - 1g
      Protein - 24g
      0% DV Vitamin A, 0% DV Vitamin C, 10% DV Calcium, 4% DV Iron

    You can get the full details and view the products by those links! Are you a rep or a customer?

    OH By the way, the chocolate fudge is my favorite flavor. Just saying.

  • REP

    @hcrenshaw23 I agree with @laurwyx3 I prefer the R1 Protein. It is one of my favorite protein powders. I stack it with Bio-Gro and #creatine. My favorite flavor is vanilla but you honestly cannot go wrong with any of the Rule1 flavors. I hope this helps with your decision process!!

  • @NickFindley Thanks for backing me up buddy! It is a good product. And word on what you stack it with as well. Great minds and great products think alike!

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