"The Pop-tart Diet"

  • Just because the IIFYM dieter's Instagram is covered with pop-tarts, donuts and pizza does NOT mean that those are the only things that they are eating all day. I can almost guarantee that every other meal they eat that day, other than the picture your seeing, is micro-nutrient dense, "bro food" or "clean food" as most people would say. Why? MICRONUTRIENTS ARE IMPORTANT PEOPLE. You know, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, all that fun stuff that truly makes a healthy and well rounded diet.

    IIFYM'ers make treats fit into their daily macronutrient allowance in order to maintain and rebuild their mental health while dieting. They also make treats fit to practice balance and moderation. In my opinion, the art of balance is much more sustainable than a strict, clean eating diet. That's how it has been working out for me, anyways. Many times people who are extremely strict with their diet, end up taking a "cheat meal" and turning it into a "cheat day" which then turns into a "cheat week" which often times causes people to become frustrated and give up or back track. Again, I am not speaking for everyone. Some people have zero problems with a nothing but clean eating diet, and that's great. I'm just speaking from experience and also what I have witnessed. I'll be the first to say, I eat bro food 90% of the time, don't get me wrong, but since my training, sleep schedule and diet are on point 90% of the time, I have room for a little fun. I do deserve it.

    Anyway, if you practice IIFYM you know that you need to aim to hit your micro-nutrients first before you go splurging on everything under the sun. Because, good luck hitting your micros on nothing but ice cream all day. Also, good luck hitting your micros eating nothing but egg whites, rice, chicken and broccoli. Again, I LOVE THOSE FOODS AND EAT THEM 90% OF THE TIME therefore I am not talking those foods down. I'm just saying, when you really look at it, are you able to hit your Vitamin A or Vitamin C on oats and rice alone? No. You do need vegetables. You do need fruit. Can you hit your calcium eating nothing but fruit and oatmeal all day? Likely not, unless you are adding milk, yogurt, etc. All of these things are essential. This is why multi-vitamins are important. They give you that security that your micro-nutrient needs are met, but you still should be eating your micros to keep you happy, healthy and performing at your best.

    Never restrict yourself, but still be good boys and girls and eat like your mama preached to you when you were a kid. EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! Hold yourself accountable and stay consistent with your macros and you'll be just fine :)

    Having trouble hitting a certain micro? Here are some of my favorite sources of each:

    Vitamin A: Sweet potatoes, carrots and spinach.
    Vitamin C: Peppers, strawberries and broccoli.
    Calcium: Greek yogurt, Almond milk and canned salmon.
    Iron: Beef, cereal and beans

    I didn't even name a fraction of the foods I eat. Those are just examples of a few of my favorites and I'm also listing them for the visual that you need more than just two things in your diet.
    It not only keeps you sane but it keeps things interesting and allows you to change it up and make recipes of your own! It's honestly so much more fun this way, I think. It's helpful for those looking to find a more sustainable way of dieting or a good way to approach an off-season.

    I could go on about this topic all day and do like discussing it so like I've said time and time again, if any one is looking for help in getting started or just want someone they can talk to, I can totally relate, so don't be afraid to reach out!

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