Have you ever taken cellucor C4?


    Let me know your thoughts on C4 Original

  • A very solid pre workout. Good pump everyday I would deffinately suggest the later generations that way the user doesn't build up a tolerance to the caffeine

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    @CampusProtein it is a pre workout that if you take pre workout a lot you won't feel that much from it ..but if you are looking for something simple and not too much energy or pump it's great

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    I've taken it, the new formulas are not that great!

  • personally, I love the C4 Ripped version of C4 Ripped. Gives me the perfect amount of energy and pump while making me sweat more during my workouts for that more lean, cut look ;) #sampler-pack Cellucor Chrome Stack

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    C4 is a quality pre-workout, but i built up a tolerance for the original formula rather quick. The new C4 50x is much better in my opinion. I've been using it coming up on six months now and still gets me pumped before every workout!!

  • I love C4! My go to right now is C4 ripped though I love that pre-workout. Also. C4 neuro is pretty awesome too..that stuff gets you in the zone real quick.

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    @CampusProtein I love C4 especially the C4 rip which was clutch in helping me during my cut

  • I love C4 just hate the way it makes my skin feel.


    @Alexandra-Stacy have you tried #fuel

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    @Alexandra-Stacy Look for something that has less beta-alanine. The produces "the tingles"

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    @CampusProtein @Alexandra-Stacy If you haven't tried #fuel you need to hop on it now- its cheap, gives you a pretty solid tunnel vision and obviously it tastes better than any pre out there!

  • I used to take C4 for my preworkout for about a year. I eventually moved on to C4 50x because I built up a tolerance to the regular C4. Then I was introduced to Fuel and my entire world was changed. Very clean preworkout energy. Very clear mind with very little jittery feelings.

  • they have definitely toned it down with the newer versions. But still a very solid pre workout!

  • I love them all. Gets the job done and some

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    Taken it several times is alright.

  • For some reason C4 is at the top of the PWO game and I don't understand why. It's a solid pre, decent energy and the first time I took it I actually enjoyed the beta-alanine tingles, and I've used it plenty since then. But after trying things like Epiq Power (the stim version), MP Assault, CP's Fuel, Betancourt's Bullnox, Dr. Jekyll, and Mr. Hyde (HYDE IS INSANE Y'ALL) I've realized C4 is "average" to me. It's very easy to build up a tolerance to it which results in having to cycle off of it more often.
    That being said I always keep a little on hand for when I run out of my current favorite.

  • As my first real pre-workout I absolutely loved C4. It is easily mixable with liquids and doesn't taste awful, plus it definitely increases energy and helps your workout a lot!

  • C4 Original is like the OG of pre workouts. Try it as your first pre because its great for everyone and then after a couple of months you venture off to try different products. I highly suggest people go back to it after 5 months of trying another pre and you will be in shock how much you missed it.

  • C4 was one of the first pre workouts I have tried, and after trying so many different brands I keep on coming back to it. There's nothing to complain about. The flavor, the quality, and the price are all great. Right now I'm hooked on pink lemonade.

  • I personally think that it is an okay preworkout. Its good if you're just starting preworkout. But after a while it takes about 4 scoops just to hit me. Its a good starting base. Thats about it.

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