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  • Has anyone tried cellucors L2? Im going to the beach for MDW on saturday and I'm trying to look more lean. I was wondering if I should take it Monday-Friday or Tuesday-Saturday. I'm unsure on how long the water shred stays.


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    @kmclark1 I've use L2 regularly and really like it. Though I take it more frequently than recommended, the water loss seems to take a bit of time to come back. I would do Tuesday through Saturday if you're really worried.

  • Get on Sweet Sweat. Amazing product

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    @kmclark1 Hope you enjoy the beach! L2 works pretty well for getting rid of excess water weight and bloating. I think Tuesday-Saturday would work best for you also. There's a BOGO sale on it right now too, you can't go wrong :)

  • Too many variables.
    Depending on how lean you are it may not benefit the individual or client much.
    I used it during peak week when i competed in Nationals to help with peak week and ridding the last pit of water off me. For someone who may not be in shape and thinking a supplement may really help them look better overnight it wont be an easy fix.
    It will have a minor impact unless the indivdiaul is already lean or in decent shape. If you got some weight to lose that will be more dietary factors. where i would suggest yohimbine and forskolin for fatloss agents.

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