Bluetooth Earbuds

  • I have been trying to make the switch from headphones with a cord to wireless Bluetooth ear buds. I am tired of the cord getting in the way or even the headphones breaking because the cord gets pulled on too much. Do you all have any suggestions? What do you use?

  • you can get skull candy wireless for about $30 at best buy, the battery life is good and they're pretty good quality for what you pay. But I use Beats solo's. I just run the wire under my shirt so it doesn't get caught.

  • I switched in january to the under armour jbl wireless headphones they have good sound great battery life i have only charged them twice in 5 months but they are expensive unless you have a discount.

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  • Sound Peats QY7 on a****n. 20 bucks and they work great! Cant beat the price. Ive had them for a few months and no problems so far.

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  • Thank you for the feedback!!

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    The JayBird's CP was giving out last week are insane quality. Yes they're $200 but well worth the money spent!

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  • I don't use ear buds but I do use over ear Bluetooth headphones. Beats solo wireless, they're so good and so worth the money!

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  • @m.kfitt I use them too! My favorite for working out. The boys at CP use the JAYBIRD X2 Wireless Headphones and I think they are better in quality. I just need the over-the-ear aspect of the beats headphones

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