Iup alumni now in Wexford and butler

  • I graduated last year from Iup with a degree in sports administration. I have moved on from Iup and I now live about an hour north of Pittsburgh near the butler area. I just started on with cp as a rep and it has been a great experience. I work in Wexford so I am all around the butler county, so if you have any questions or wanna talk hit me up.

  • @flick93 graduate from IUP myself brother. Graduated 4 years ago with a Business Education Major and economics minor. I worked at the HUB for 4 years at the gym. Lived right by there. I stayed in Elkin hall 2 years before it got demolished (you were probably not there yet).

    Ever swing up 79 to Erie let me know so we can meet up!

  • @TheSolution thats awesome man. I actually spent my first year and a half at a branch campus then commuted my last 2 and a half. And when i worked out at school i usually worked out at the zink building since it had its own gym and thats where 90% of my classes were at.

    I usually head up to erie once a year to watch some hockey and or ski so next time I'm up that way i will defiantly take you up on that offer!

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