• Any fellow reps following any of Cory G's Get Stacked programs? Have so much respect for the dude. No longer following his Anabolic Fasting. Lost strength, energy, and just always felt crappy (expect for on the weekends obviously with the cheat lol). Clearly it works for some people, but not for others. However, his Get Stacked plans are LEGIT. Squats, Supersets, and Lunges are where it's at! Lemme know what you guys think.

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    I have been playing around with his workouts recently. I really enjoy the lunges. I am going to go another week of incorporating some of his workouts into mine and then I will make the switch to his #getstacked plan. One of my friends is currently trying out anabolic fasting, I may try it as well.

  • @NickFindley assuming you're subscribed to corygfitness.com then? Loved his latest videos of all the benefits lunges have. i put mine at the beginning of my workout as my warm up.. also when i have the most energy to do the 400 m lunges haha uphill are killer too!

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    @Stapes_cprep You bet! I really enjoy the content he puts out on fitness and business. I prefer to do my lunges post-workout. I would rather have my energy for my workout and then grind through the lunges at the end. If you have a workout partner the lunges are 10x easier because you can talk your way through and you forget you're lungeing in the first place. But I definitely believe that the #hypeisreal. I can't wait to go back to Old School. For those of you who are not subscribed to corygfitness.com you're cheating yourself.

  • @NickFindley totally agree with the workout partner aspect.. tough thing is keeping those workout partners hahaha no one wants to go back for LUNGE U ROUND 2

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    I have been fortunate enough to have a partner that is as crazy as I am.

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