Thoughts on iSatori's Amino-Gro?

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    Has anyone tried Amino-Gro from iSatori? I've heard good things and I like all of their other products, I was just curious about the taste, mixability and any thoughts y'all had on it before I picked it up!
    Thanks in advance

  • I think Amino-Gro is one of the best amino-acid products on the market. It contains efficacious doses of BCAAs + Glutamine + a hydration complex that will make sure you never go catabolic. THAT IS STILL NOT THE REASON WHY ITS #1. This product has the revolutionary ingredient Bio-Gro in the formula which will increase protein synthesis and speed up muscle recovery. That just makes your BCAA product better and will enhance your protein too.

    Amino-Gro by iSatori

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