Nutrabolt Corp. Introduces Brand FitJoy

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    Nutrabolt Corp. introduced their new brand FitJoy. Nutrabolt is the parent company of the well known and loved supplement company Cellucor. FitJoy's line of products include a gluten-free protein bar with no artificial sweeteners, color, and flavors. The bar boasts 20G Protein and 220 Calories. There is still limited information that is soon to come but what do you think? Nutrabolt Corp never disappoints and I look forward to trying these protein bars!

  • Nutrabolt also owns: @NickFindley
    Royal Sport, Cellucor, Fitjoy, and Cavalier.

    It is a massive company with the head being Cellucor as we all know and everyoen knows how great C4 Original or any other COR-Performance Whey truly is..

    protein bars have saturated the market this past year, Almost every single large name company is producing one. Nothing really is standing out because there are other companies that do the same with bars similar to this. Think RAW Bars that have 5 ingredients in them but are a bit costly because you don't get a lot of junk/fillers/sweeteners in them.

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