Simple and delicious recipes for meal prep??

  • I have always been kind of a chicken and rice guy.. But im looking to start expanding my meal prep! What is everyones favorite meal prep recipes?

  • Plenty of options already in here:

    I also have a ton of recipes on my youtube (Bkupniewski) with COR-Performance Whey which are great, portable, and meet a nice macro total.

    If you are just chicken and rice look at the food sources presented in the thread about and add some variety to your diet. Eating nothing but chicken and rice is 1) unhealthy and 2) has next to no nutrition in those 2 food sources. Expand your horizon, eat a variety of foods, and use what you need to hit your calories/macros on a daily basis.

    If your diet does lack a lot of micronutrients, vitamins and minerals I would suggest a good multivitamin and fishoil.

    Some good webpages are
    Skinny Taste
    Spoonful of Fit
    Kiss My Broccoli
    Fit Men Cook

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