PEScience Ergonine

  • You can literally see in the description of this product that this is an everything else/anytime kind of supplement. PEScience says it best, it is literally a staple for anyone and everyone's every day diet.

    PEScience Ergonine

    It contains not one, not two but NINE things that as they say should be the "bread and butter" of your workout (see article). The ingredients are as follows:

    Creatine Anhydrous
    Creatine helps strengthen muscles and ultimately produces ATP (energy). This should indeed be a staple in one's diet if you're looking to increase performance. Allows you to increase volume as well. It also has been proven to improve muscle volume, recovery, bone healing, brain function, and much more.

    Betaine Anhydrous (Trimethylglycine)
    The effects and benefits of this are similar to creatine. It is an amino acid found naturally in foods such as spinach, seafood and even wine.

    This solution is perfect for recovery. Anything that prevents catabolism is cool with me.

    I know what glutamine is and I know what alanine is, but I never realized the power of this combo. Glutamine is an essential when it comes to recovery in my opinion but apparently pairing it with alanine makes it transfer much more efficiently. Pretty cool.

    Choline Bitartrate
    This is for performance. Another awesome combination that I never would have thought of or imagined.

    It is actually leucine, it is just leucine that has been "simplified to its most active metabolite" (see article). It improves protein synthesis, which we all know is a good thing. Lol.

    This is just a really cool supplement in my opinion. Who all has tried it? I personally love nanaberry and I love all of the ingredients in here. Pairing them all together is basically like the powerhouse staple product of all supplements. But really, it's legit.

  • I look at this product as a Multi-Vitamin for muscle recovery. Take it once a day at anytime and reap the benefits. It will prevent catabolism, increase protein synthesis, and speed up muscle recovery. Its a very unique product but the success of it shows that Ergonine will become a staple supplement for so many!

  • @Mike-Yewdell and it stacks well with Xtend Xtend Perform Amino IV for a peri workout nutrition to really enhance your performance and endurance in the gym. This is a great all in one endurnace and performance supplement. It can benefit any gym goer that does train for any purpose.

    Xtend by Scivation

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    Amino IV by PEScience

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  • @Mike-Yewdell great idea and feedback Mike! Always giving good tips :)

  • @TheSolution LOVE LOVE LOVE Xtend Perform. Currently using the black cherry!

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