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  • I am no way picky in my music. I listen to the most wide variety of music ever and nobody understands it. Therefore, my tunes depend on what I'm feeling that day. However, I will post a few of my favorites over my fitness journey.

    When I need to get pumped up, need to get through another set or simply want to break this PR I'm about to attempt, I prefer a song that has a good beat, usually something more along the lines of rap. A song that literally pumps me up. One that not only has a good beat, but has awesome lyrics that I can jam to and feel like a boss. This one, is a classic and I remember this was a popular one for me awhile back.
    Remember the Name - Fort Minor

    Let's be real, this is an ideal squatting tune.......
    Drop it Low Remix
    I don't know why but I love the remix more than the original.

    This song just is a solid song that I can sing to. It basically gives me motivation simply because I know every single work. Ever just feel empowered when you can totally ROCK OUT to a song? Haha.
    Pour Some Sugar on Me
    Don't Stop Believin'
    You can't tell me that when you hear like the first two notes of this song you instantly get pumped to sing it?

    Okay. I'll quit annoying you with my songs. I could go on forever. I will say though that I love country music more than any other type. Not necessarily in the gym, but outside of the gym I'm a country girl. I'm sorry. I also love me some throwbacks. Haha.

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