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  • My name is Lauren Wyant and I am addicted to Arctic Zero. I've taken it straight to the dome and ate the whole pint, I've put it on protein brownies/cakes, I've made floats with Vanilla Maple and VPX Bang RTD's, I've made protein shakes with it. Anything and everything you can think of. I just think it has pretty legit ingredients and macros for ice cream. Fit chicks gotta do what a fit chicks gotta do. The main thing that gets me is the lack of saturated fats unlike most ice cream and also the fiber that is included. It also has more protein coming from whey than most ice creams. In my opinion it is a macro and craving saver. I FINALLY found some of the new chunky pints today and they're sitting in my freezer ready to be eaten. Has anyone else tried Arctic Zero, or is as big of an Arctic Zero addict as me? Haha. Also, what is everyone's opinion of the new flavors and what would you rate them? It might help me decide which to try first.

    Side note, the first time I got the cookie dough chip pint though, I had no cookie dough chunks in it. NONE. NOT ONE. It literally was Arctic ZERO. Yeah, I'm corny I know. Haha.

  • The only problem @Lauren-Marella is that Arctic Zero does not even meet label claims. It is basically artifical sweetners in a pint and is overpriced.
    Just take 1 scoop of whey and 1 6-oz greek yogurt and throw it in your freezer. it costs about 4$ less and you actually know the content of the calories you eating.
    Just like in the protein market where protein powders do not meet label claims. Arctic Zero falls victim Phase8 does not meet label claims Iron Whey does not meet label claims and is less protein than dictated

    you should read about the lawsuits of Arctic zero because they have been sued before.

    "A second class action lawsuit has been filed against Arctic Zero claiming its frozen desserts have 46% to 68% more calories than advertised. "

    Phase8 by MuscleTech

    See other Protein

  • Oh wow, I never knew that. I knew there's been drama with quest before but I never knew about arctic zero. Yeah that's good too. I've tried all kinda of stuff and most of the time I do eat yogurt bowls because I'm not dropping 4 dollars a pint everyday. I was just kind of seeing if other people liked it as well. Haha.

  • @laurwyx3 The people that drop that much for fake ice cream that does not meet label claims blows my mind.

    I would suggest buying a cuisine art ice cream maker. All you have to do is mix 1 scoop protein with 1 cup of almond milk and then throw it into the ice cream maker.

    Check out some of my videos with #cor-whey-trial-size #college-budget-stack in making your own protien ice cream and save yourself some money

  • @TheSolution thanks buddy that's a great idea :)

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