Stacks on stacks on stacks

  • I love stacking when it comes to pre-workout. By stacking I mean stacking a stimulant with a non-stimulant nitric oxide booster. Currently, my favorite stack is the Game Day + Pump Powder by MAN Sports. It gives me the best of both worlds and I find that it gives the energy booster I need along with muscle endurance/strength and that satisfying pump and vascular look and honestly guys, the flavors are too good to pass up. Thinking about giving the blue bombsicle a try because I haven't yet, what do ya'll think of that flavor?

    The other stack that I really like is the Fuel and CN3 stack. 1, because Fuel is legit and the CN3 is just as legit. I've always been a Cellucor fan so I have pretty much tried every single Cellucor product out there. This stack however really helps me with my mind to muscle connection and really focusing on my lifts more, which is necessary. You need to make sure you are performing your lifts properly. Less chance of injury, better chance of strength gains, etc. But that's another story.

    Last but not least, I like High Volume as a stacker. Especially in cotton candy flavor. Since I love the cotton candy flavor so much I usually will stack that one with Mr. Hyde cotton candy but I can stack it with anything. Heck, I've stacked High Volume with Monster. Haha. Anyone else?

    I guess you can say I'm not picky when it comes to pre-workouts, I just love them and they are essential for me anyways. I've tried them all and love almost every pre-workout I've tried, but my current favorite stack has to be MAN Sports.

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