Best tasting vaniella protein?

  • What is the best tasting vaniella protein powder in your opinion?

  • I have tried almost every protein on the market
    From what CP Offers i would suggest #cor-whey-trial-size vanilla and Select Protein for your good vanilla go to protein powders
    other good ones
    XF 2.0 Vanilla
    Blue Star Iso-Smooth Vanilla
    It will be hard price per dollar to beat Cellucor and PES hands down @Lauren-Marella

  • @TheSolution Thanks! I did recommended cor-whey to my client that was asking about it. I think they have the best tasting proteins especially for those who are new to protein powders! :)

  • @Lauren Marella its great because it has an added digestive enzyme in them. That makes it tolerance for those who have a slight lactose intolerance. That is why I highly suggest it because it opens it up to others on the market to try this product. Another reason why Animal Whey and Dymatize get a lot of praise due to the added enzyme.
    Digestion is a key thing overlooked by most trainees. You have to make sure what you eat, take, settles well on your system to continue to make progress.

  • For me I love the muscle pharm 100% isolate. It blends well and tastes great !

  • I agree with @TheSolution. Both Cellucor and PES are hands down my goto protein. Normally ill mix a little bit of peanut butter and ice with cellucor vanilla to make a protein "milkshake". Vanilla I think is the best value in terms of protein because you can always cook with it and add it to different recipes.

  • @Courtney-McVay Agreed. vanilla is such a verstaile flavor. not to mention both protein powders digest very easy. COR-Performance Whey has an added digestive enzyme added to the formula to make it easily digestable. PES is a top notch company that is 3rd party tested and true to its label just like cellucor. This is why these 2 brands are awesome. Not only are they meeting protein label claims, they taste great. Select Protein

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