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    I've been taking c4 ripped for about 2 weeks now. So far I've noticed it doesn't hit as hard as normal c4 but I definitely feel the thermogenic in it working. During my workout, I sweat a lot more than without it. I like the fact that it doesn't give me too much energy so I can afford to take it for a late night workout and still be able to fall asleep at a reasonable time. Anybody else have experience with it? Would like to get others opinions on it! Definitely recommend if you're looking to cut weight!

  • Thats because there is a law of diminishing returns with any pre-workout, and hence why it says after 4 weeks or 8 weeks to take a break. You build up a resistance and need to cycle off your pre-workouts. Lets take for example you eat a slice of pizza, the first slice is awesome, the second slice it loses taste and merit, same with the third slice, and then 4th slice etc.. The more you eat the less enjoyable it is. The same with pre-workouts and how you build a tolerance to them.

    I suggeset you dose further away from food or take upon waking in a fasted state to make it hit much harder

    High Volume CN3 are great non-stim pre-workouts @Hunter-Knight

    CN3 by Cellucor

    See other Creatine

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