Clarion University of Pennsylvania Alum - Greater Pittsburgh Area

  • Where my PA people at? I'm just a small town girl (LIVING IN A LONELY WORLDDDDDD) Sorry, had to. Anyway. I am actually a recent graduate of Clarion University of Pennsylvania. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Public Relations and Communications. I enjoyed my time at school because I was able to be involved and know almost everyone. I still would call Clarion a second home and still have friends who attend therefore, if anyone is ironically from there, let me know.

    In a more general sense though, I am from the greater Pittsburgh area. Some other schools close by are IUP, Slippery Rock, Duquense, Pitt, etc. If I head a little ways West, I'll be in Buckeye country. If I head a little East, I'll stumble upon Penn State Main. I feel like I have a lot of great schools within arms reach of me.

    I am a social butterfly so I have friends from all over and I also like to attend any and every kind of event. I love going to sporting events, concerts, trying new restaurants and doing things I maybe haven't done before so if you are anywhere even remotely close to me, get a hold of me. I am pretty open minded and willing to travel to see and meet people.

    I want to meet everyone if possible, I would love it. I would like to give a shout out to @Mike-Yewdell @Andrew-Stock and also @brandonstarke though. Mike is a great guy and has e-mailed me and listened to my feedback and requests before I even officially became a CP rep. A really genuine guy who is also helpful. Andrew has been so welcoming to me so far and is such a chill dude. If you haven't talked to him, you probably should. He knows his stuff! Brandon. Brandon is the man. Brandon was my first CP rep, he's who got me hooked on Campus Protein. He has been my rep since I started my fitness journey and has helped me every step of the way. Always letting me know what deals apply to me and has also given me more advice than almost anyone. He's definitely supplied me with supplements yes, but he's taught me a lot. I owe this all to him honestly. Thanks buddy!

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