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  • Believe it or not, whey is not necessarily my staple post-workout. Nine times out of ten, I don't even use whey protein after my workout. Mostly because I like to load up on whole foods instead. Makes my tummy happier.

    Anyway, my post workout staples though include aminos/BCAA's and also creatine. The BCAA's help my recover faster, give me a second wind and also keep my Nitric Oxide production up. It basically begins setting the stage for the next day for me. Honestly, I take aminos/BCAA's pre, intra, post, whenever I want because its good anytime. Food makes my tummy happy and the aminos make my muscles happy. The current BCAA's I use are #XtendPerform (black cherry). I chose these because these have Citrulline, Glutamine and an electrolyte blend which I really like. It has 7g of BCAA's and tastes AMAZING.

    Some of my other favorites include #IsoAmino by MAN Sports because lets be real, it tastes better than almost any other amino out there. How can you be mad when your aminos taste like Sour Patch Kids or AIRHEADS (my absolute 100% favorite).

    I do enjoy #AminoEnergy by Optimum Nutrition and #AlphaAminoExtreme by Cellucor because caffeine makes me happy too. It keeps me going after a tough workout and since oftentimes I work right after I lift, it will help me get through the work day.

    My other staple supplement post workout is creatine. I don't have a favorite creatine in particular, but my most recently used one is BPI #BestCreatine in snow cone flavor. I will say that snow cone flavor is the bees knees though. BPI actually has great amino flavors too. Who am I kidding? CP only carries the best, that's why its always so hard to choose the best products and flavors. :)

  • BCAA's are far from needed post-workout
    They are more optimal pre-workout for fasted training or for between meals spaced 4-6 hours apart.

    Please refer to my other thread on BCAA Supplementation and how minimal data supports the cause.

    Minimal Data to Support BCAA During Caloric Restriction

    The study reports a statistically significant change in fat mass for the group supplementing with BCAAs, but not in the placebo (isocalorically matched carbohydrate [CHO] beverage) group. However, this outcome is paradoxical with the results. Table 2 states that the BCAA group lost 0.6 kg of fat mass while the CHO group lost 1.4 kg.

    The resting metabolic rate (RMR) dropped significantly in the BCAA group (412 kcal/day) but not in the CHO group (no data presented).

    � Given the maintenance of lean body mass and the loss of fat mass in the BCAA group, and the loss of lean body mass and the apparent loss of fat mass in the CHO group, the RMR should have decreased in the CHO group but not the BCAA group

    As noted in a recent review by Morton et al. [5], there is a paucity of evidence supporting a beneficial effect for BCAA supplementation in promoting increases in muscle protein synthesis or lean mass, and in fact there might be a detrimental impact given that the AAs appear to antagonize each other in terms of transport both into circulation and likely into the muscle.

    As noted in our acknowledgements, performing heavy resistance exercise while following a strict hypocaloric diet is difficult, to say the least. Thus, there is a paucity of peer-reviewed work looking at reduced caloric intake, amino acid supplementation, body composition and muscle performance.

    BCAA's may benefit you for fasted AM Training dosed pre-workout or as a bolus between meals 4-6 hours apart

    I would only suggest Xtend Perform Xtend or Amino IV for those purposes.

    Xtend by Scivation

    See other Aminos

    Amino IV by PEScience

    See other Aminos

  • I don't typically do fasted training. The only time I do fasted training is on rest days from lifting, and on rest days like that where I am just doing cardio; that is fasted and I have BCAA's beforehand. I just wasn't really posting a pre-workout post, this was just about post workout and since I drink it afterward too I just included. Haha. I guess I should have said I basically live on them and drink them throughout the day because they are a go to for me throughout the day as well. Thanks for the article though, very informative!

  • @laurwyx3 and again there is 0 point in drinking them throughout the day and post-workout. Especially since you do not train fasted. Your pre-workout meal will be overlapping into the post-workout period, so the need for additional aminos are not needed. Food is overlapping and you need to allow protein levels to reach refractory stages (baseline) before being spiked again.

    If your sipping aminos all day long you may as well eat chicken ever 10 minutes because that is the same thing. Amino's still cause insulin spikes and raise protein levels. Not allowing them to reach baseline goes against Muscle Protein Synthesis and is worse for you in the long run. Not to mention its expensive to waste them using more than you need to

    Meet protein intake via whole food, and if you train fed you don't need BCAA's at all.

    again please read these studies and powerpoints showing you the true benefits of BCAA Timing:

  • @TheSolution okay thanks for the info!

  • @TheSolution finally got to check this out in it's entirety. Really good content. Layne Norton is a genius I love his stuff. Thanks! I couldn't stop browsing after that haha

  • @laurwyx3 always more than welcome.
    I just hate to see people beleive in the misinformation spread online, or those who read magazines and follow cookie cutter diet plans. breaks my heart to think there is a one size fits all when it comes to nutrition, training, and supplementation. There is no such thing. Everything is individualized.

    TOO Many trainees put way too much money into supplements for no reason. Where they should put more into whole foods and focus on their diet to make their success

  • You're so right. Amazing how people were brainwashed for so long and never actually looked at the actual SCIENCE behind training, nutrition, etc. Honestly the prehistoric concepts are ridiculous and far more complicated than they need to be after reading all these scientifically based articles and research studies. It is very true that everyone is an individual and what works for them can not necessarily work for others.

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