• One of my favorite things to perform during my lifting session is 28-methods, 28-methods of any lift. It gives me a killer pump and it really helps me focus on the mind to muscle connection. They basically break down your lift, into small pieces and targets each move.

    A 28-method exercise consists of 7 regular reps, 7 as slow as possible reps, 7 half reps from the bottom and 7 half reps from the top. It may not sound hard, but if you have never done these, try them and then tell me if they're difficult. When I first starting trying 28-methods, I was ambitious and went for the weight I would do a typical lift with. I found out real quick that wasn't going to work. It wasn't as easy as I thought it was going to be.

    If anyone checked out my SnapChat takeover the other day, I discussed this. The example I used that day was barbell curls. Typically, I will load the bar then perform my lift. When I do them 28-style, I use the bar only. Even with just the bar, my muscles are crying by the end, but boy do they look swole.

    You can honestly do this with ANY lift or exercise you perform throughout your workout. My favorite though is curls and stiff-legged deadlifts with the bar. The regular reps do what the regular reps do every other day, take your muscle through the full range of motion and muscle contraction. The slow reps make your muscles work harder because it takes much more control to perform the exercise as slow as possible. The 7 halves break down your full range into half ranges, therefore making the end contraction in a different way. This also takes more control. You must only allow your muscles to go halfway. Therefore, this targets the bottom range of motion and makes the ending muscle contraction hit a different aspect of your muscle.

    If anybody has done these before, do you like them? If you haven't, try them and let me know what you think! I love them. One day, I did a whole arm routine with ALL 28-method sets. I didn't even want to grip the steering wheel to drive home after that!

    Also, I love a good Nitric Oxide boosting pre-workout with this exercise. Makes the pump shine all the more.
    Tip: REALLY FOCUS on mind to muscle connection here

  • Im guessing you do all 28 with out putting the weight down. you aren't doing 4 sets of 7

  • Correct. Without putting the bar down! I like to do these as a burn out or a finisher! :)

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