Morning Weight Frustration

  • Have you ever woken up in the morning, weighed in or looked in the mirror and were extremely dissatisfied with what you saw? Most will jump to conclusions, talk themselves down and some people even give up immediately, thinking that they will never see results. Sound familiar? Has this been you? I know it's been me, many times.

    Well, not so fast. Many factors come into play with your morning check in. Take a minute and think about what you did yesterday. Have a little extra sodium? Did you get a good or full nights sleep? Are you stressing over finals? Every last one of these may have something to do with it.

    Sodium, is not necessarily the enemy. You actually need some in your diet believe it or not. (I know this for a fact because when I had surgery two years ago, I was unable to be discharged for days due to my sodium levels being too low). Sodium however, does cause you to hold water. Therefore, if your a few pounds heavier than expected, maybe that extra buffalo sauce or that handful of pretzels at that party caused a little more fluid retention than usual. No biggie, get back to your normal routine, drink your water like good boys and girls and chances are, you'll be back to normal the next day.

    Sleep. Sleep is also crucial. A proper night's sleep not only gives your body, mind and muscles time to recover for the following day, but it also has a lot to do with your weight as well. Sometimes a few nights of bad sleep won't allow your body to properly expel water weight. A long and grueling finals week of late night studying can take it's toll and not allow your body to properly filter out as well. As mentioned above, just get back to your normal routine as soon as possible, catch up on sleep and you'll be right back on track.

    Last point I wanted to touch on was stress. Stress also interrupts nearly everything in your body. It throws you completely out of whack. The American Psychological Association has done studies to prove that it weakens your immune system overall, which will affect your workouts, your recovery, your sleep and like I said, EVERYTHING. This also will cause your body to hold water weight or not dispose of toxins as effectively. So don't stress over your morning weight, that will only make it worse. The take home point here is, when your weight or what you see in the mirror has you down, take a minute to breathe, focus on getting back to your routine and you'll wake up feeling much better tomorrow. Better yet, use that extra water weight in the gym. Use it for motivation. Use it to keep on killing it.

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