What was/is your major in?

  • I always find it interesting to see what other professions fellow gym rats plan to go into. It seems that at my school, the majority of regulars in the gym are exercise science, kinesiology, sport science, or some other major involving lifting. So what are you getting your degree in? Or if you already have one, what is it in? Why?

    For myself, I'm a nursing major. I love being able to care for others during their absolute worst times. Nothing feels better than making someone who's mentally, physically, and emotionally distressed smile because of the care you provide them. I am also able to pass along my passion for health and fitness to patients as nearly every illness and disease could be prevented, controlled, or treated with moving more and changing one's diet.

  • @thefitmurse Business Education and minor in economics
    Did my student teaching at HollidaysBurg High School outside of Altoona, PA
    I taught into to video, accounting, javascript, sports & Entertainment marketing, and also web design. I have been substitute teaching for over 4+ years and I work for Verizon as well.

    I got into the gym because I played football for 8 years (offensive line) and then dietied off a ton of weight and have competing at Nationals in 2012 (Master Nationals in Pittsburgh) and took top 5 in my class

  • REP

    Mine was Classics - studying ancient Greece and Rome (in my case, more Rome + the Etruscans than Greece). I'm mainly interested in archaeology, but my college had slim pickings for that sort of thing - in regards to history, the focus was way more on Civil War and Southern USA history than almost anything else, being in the South, of course... I went on an archaeology dig in Italy though and boy, talk about a major involving lifting! Helping to dig out the backfill on a waterlogged 10 foot deep trench did more for my upper body than six months of lifting ever did, LOL!

  • REP

    I am majoring in Finance and Business Economics. I have always had a passion for learning. My goal is to start my own business and own a gym. I have two more years left of my undergrad and I am considering continuing my education to earn a masters degree in Business Administration. I have always believed that knowledge is power and I plan to continue learning my entire life.

  • I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Systems Engineering and will be starting my MBA program this June. I chose engineering for the overall challenge it represented.

  • @TheSolution Those actually sound like pretty fun classes! I wish I had the opportunity to take classes like that in high school.

  • @arctos Oh wow! I have a friend that just got accepted into an architecture program. And I bet, that sounds like an awesome trip and great alternative to the gym! lol. I've always enjoyed learning about history as well. I always took Greek mythology or western civ. courses when I could for my pre-reqs. It's amazing to see how far civilization has advanced!

  • @NickFindley THE LIFE! Haha. I've thought about trying out owning a gym in my later years. My family has had a few businesses and I know they are a full time job though! I don't know how I could handle people not racking weights either, lol!

    But I completely agree about knowledge is power. I am going to apply for a DNP program after a few years of traveling. I actually enjoy school. Just like I try to see how far I can push my body, I find it just as much a journey to see how far I can take my knowledge capacity!

  • @campusprojkg Much respect! I know how challenging earning an engineering degree can be. And good luck on your MBA!

  • REP

    I graduated with a BS in Biological Sciences, Human Biology Concentration, and Minors in Biomanufacturing (pharmaceuticals) and Microbiology.

    Now, I work in pharmaceutical manufacturing and eventually want to get my MBA and move into management.

  • REP

    @thefitmurse True... what's even more amazing in my opinion is how far civilization has stayed the same. So many of today's political talking heads would be right at home in Ancient Rome! The field school I went to was located at the top of a hill in Tuscany, and boy it was steep, so having to climb that (multiple times) each day while hauling tools, buckets of mud and old bricks, as well as the amount of walking and hiking and climbing historical monuments in Florence and Rome -- it was better than a boot camp, haha!

  • I am currently in my first year and my declared major is Kinesiology and thinking about taking some business and marketing classes while possibly majoring in those

  • I am an health science major out of Furman University. I also am getting a degree in military science because I am apart of the ROTC program and its one of the required majors we for us.

  • I'm currently studying exercise science and planning to go into physical therapy. Also, while I am going to school I am currently a student athletic trainer, which is something that I've been doing since I was a freshman in high school. So yay, I'm one of your typical gym rats that is trying to stay close to the fitness world with exercise science/PT because I love everything about it!

  • Nutrition and dietics :)

  • Hey there! I am a Dietetics/Nutrition major at SUNY Oneonta. My ultimate dream is to be a Sports Dietitian for professional sports teams. My dream is to go to UNC and get my MS in Public Health!
    I also take a lot of classes in the Exercise Science department (such as Orthopedic Assessment and Kinesiology). I am really into Biology and Anatomy. I just love learning about the human body, and I find that what I learn in my Nutrition classes directly ties into my other science classes.

  • Hey! I am currently Physical Education with a concentration in Exercise Science. When I graduate I will get my CSCS and go into Strength and Conditioning! I want to work with student athletes in collegiate sports, specifically Rugby but I won't be picky! Thinking about getting my MS in Athletic Training after a few years working so we will see!

  • I'm a design engineering major. Which is kinda like a mechanical engineer, a machinist, a supervisor, and a maintenance man had a crazy night and my major is what popped out. A lot of engineers at my school hit the weight room, then again we're mainly an engineering school haha

  • Lets revive this thread, aye?

    What's up! I'm a second year student at the University of Louisville, my current pursuit is a bachelors in Marketing and a minor in entrepreneurship! Not too sure what I want to do exactly yet, but owning/running my own business sounds like a pretty cool idea.

    This mindset is one of the reasons I pursued being a rep for CP, it's definitely helped get my feet wet in the marketing and sales aspect that I know I can expect later in life!

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