What started your fitness journey?

  • Why did everyone start working out or how did you come about your passion for fitness?

    For me, my older brother went off to play college football (O-Line) and I was tired of lifting "baby weight" compared to what he would lift. I asked him if he could help me and he ended up letting me know what he would do for team lifts. I started to get stronger and wider and fell in love with the ability to finally push around some serious weight. Since then I've found numerous reasons to love fitness even more, but that was my starting point. What's yours?!?!?!

  • Hey @FJDoug22!

    When I first started "working out", it was mostly agility and sports-specific training. I mostly used weights to help improve my skills and explosiveness on the tennis court. Also, it doesn't hurt to be the alpha male on courts during matches either. But, once I finished my high school tennis career that's when I really fell in love with fitness and chiseling the perfect physique.
    My main motivation was really looking at how fast my physique changed. I realized that if I put more effort into the gym and fixed up my nutrition, I was then able to achieve my goal physique in no time. It's always fun to set goals for yourself, such as PR's or weight/fat loss. Fitness used to be a hobby and now it's a lifestyle!

  • My fitness journey started after I began training with our high school football team. By the time Sophomore year came around, I was hooked. The feeling of getting stronger and bigger was amazing (And looking better than everyone else definitely helped ayyye). Although I finished the rest of my high school years playing football, fitness had stolen my passion. It hasn't slowed down yet and I plan to make it a life-long journey.

  • @flick93 Saw your profile, you should share your story!

  • @FJDoug22 I will I was going to start a thread but hold on haha

  • I started my weight loss journey in 2014. In 2014 I went to the Doctor and I was 270 lbs, at that point i decided i needed to make a life style change. I started my then by walking everyday, and then by being more active and making my friends be more active and play more sports, (we now have a weekend league where we play all kinds of sports). In the winter of 2014 I found lifting, and started to lift as a way to stay active in the winter months and became addicted. I now weigh 190 lbs and I am in the best of my life and striving every day to get better and be better I still have a long way to go to reach my ultimate goal, but I'm getting closer every day. My journey has had its ups and down (and so has my weight) . And for those out there like me trying to lose weight set goals, realistic goals, small goals because reaching those small goals is still a success and reaching those small goals pushes you closer to your long term goal. For anyone who has questions or wants to talk weight loss I'm always here.

  • @flick93 great post brother!!!!!

  • @FJDoug22 thanks man! I hope my story can help someone else some day, give them the confidence that they can do it too.

  • What's up guys. I started in junior high just doing push-ups, sit-ups, and an old school bench machine from the 60s that my dad set up when I was young. I moved up to football weight lifting and running to prep for the season. That's when I developed my love for lifting. I couldn't ever bench 225 until senior year but I could squat 350+ and Squat Clean 225+ so I have more lower body strength for being a lineman. I let it go during my freshman year and actually gained about 30 pounds from rushing and eating horribly. I lost 45 starting the 2nd semester of college until the end of summer. I've maintain around 205-215 and hope to get 200 lean by the end of this summer with increased lifts. But I love working out, the important thing is know your body. I know i can lose 5-7 ppunds in a week but also gain that just as easily. Plus I can work the same muscle group twice in 3 days without hurting. It's all about what works best for you. I consider myself the Above-Average Joe because my lifts aren't great but I can get full range of motion with heavier weights for my sets, just can't ever max out.

    Bench: 235
    Squat: 365
    Deadlift: 365

  • @Dougie95Fresh Thanks for sharing brother! I say, know your body all the time to my friends and family. What works for one person may not work for another!

  • It wasn't unill my senior year of high school when I fell in love with strength training. Throughout my high school athletic career I was rarely in the weight room and I decided to take a strength training class just for an easy A. Then I realized how important it was when my game on the baseball field became so much better. Since then I make it a priority to get in the gym. I don't have to force myself to go workout because it is something I enjoy doing. Get the pump from the pre-workout, putting the headphones in and zoning the world out is the best feeling. Now I am here to find others who love fitness as much as I do and to help as many as I can find their motivation they need.

  • Thanks for the share @Connor-Micklo !!!

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