• I've been pretty dedicated to my diet now more than ever and I am seeing very positive results. HOWEVER, I feel like my body is super sensitive to food anymore. I feel like "junk" food just tears up my stomach anymore and then when I have salty foods, my weights jumps up like crazy. Anyone else experience this or is it just me?

  • Salty foods are perfectly fine, if you are neglecting salt in your diet that is going to do more harm than good. Remember salt is what transport vitamins, minerals, and nutrients throughout the bloodstream. Cutting or limiting them is going to do damage. Always sea salt your meals, or include seasonings to help get an adequate level of sodium. an inadequate level of sodium and potassium is another reason to cause cramps and delay good progress in the gym @FJDoug22
    i would suggest using Opti-Men or Platinum Multi Vitamin to help get an adequate amount of nutrients you do not get via whole food in a 24 hour period.

  • @TheSolution Currently take both of those (just depends if I am at work or home for which one I am taking). Thank you for the in depth explanation, it's not that I exclude salt from my diet, I know the importance of it, I guess I should say, when I have an excess of salt.

  • @FJDoug22 Which for 99% of us not in peak week or 2 weeks out from a show is perfectly fine. Just drink a lot more water to help flush your system . Nothing wrong with different food sources or an overdose of sodium. it is not like it happens on an everyday period. if it does then its your dietary choices, which for most of us is not the case. so you are A OK to enjoy some moderation. So have your cake and eat it too :)

  • @TheSolution hahahaha great response, as always thanks for the solid advice!!

  • @FJDoug22 I started adding salt to my meals about three months ago. At first, your weight will increase but it will readjust if you do it consistently. As far as the "junk food", any time I stray from simple, whole food ingredients my stomach revolts, so it's definitely not just you haha!

  • @Lexi-Bounds Hahaha revolts is the perfect word for it!

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