Hi-Tech to Sue Muscle Pharm's Arnold Series

  • Hi-Tech to Sue Muscle Pharm's Arnold Series

    The bad news for MusclePharm just seems to continue today, as word has got out that fellow supplement company[B] Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals is now suing the Athlete’s Company. A press release was posted this morning that the guys over at Supplement Reviews have broken down and gone into detail on[/B]. The lawsuit has come just a few days after Arnold Schwarzenegger ended his relationship with MusclePharm and the Arnold Series was confirmed as discontinued.

    [B]Hi-Tech’s lawsuit appears to be based on MusclePharm allegedly amino spiking its Arnold Schwarzenegger Series mass protein Iron Mass. The press release says that testing revealed a total protein count of 19.53g per serving for Iron Mass instead of the 40g the supplement promises on its label.[/B]

    For those of you that for whatever reason haven’t heard of amino spiking before, to put it simply it’s when brands throw aminos in their protein powders instead of actual protein. Despite not being the real deal the cheaper aminos are still counted towards a product’s protein total. [B]By doing this a product that may only have 10g of actual protein could say 25g per serving on its label with the help of added aminos like glycine and taurine.


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