Motivational Videos

  • What is your go to motivational video? Mine definitely has to be John Burke's "In The Arena" Speech. Listen to it before every workout #motivation

  • REP

    Hands down, best motivational video is the documentary on Colin Clark. Look it up.

    Coming in a close second is the CP takeover at Old School Gym. However, I may be slightly bias because I am feature in this video. None the less, check it out here.

    Lastly, I really like to follow youtubers such as @Erick-Sandoval, Christian Guzman, Max, and Steve Cook.

  • REP

    I love listening to CT Fletcher... A little bit vulgar for some but it's what gets me going and that's what counts! There's even an app with different motivational clips from him. I prefer to just load up some Youtube videos and watch them or listen to them just before I go to work out, and keep thinking about him yelling at me when I'm training, haha.

  • I tear up sometimes, not gonna lie

  • @BlakeCP22 any video by Greg Plitt gets me ready for my workout. Could listen to his videos all day long.

  • CT Fletcher and Steve Cook are the best inspirational video guys I've found yet.

  • Doug miller deadlifting...

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