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  • So I think I have been eating chicken, asparagus (or broccoli) and sweet potatoes for 2 months straight now. Do you all have any other lunch ideas? I am trying to clean bulk. Get from 180 to 190.

  • I recommend making some quesadillas. You can find tortillas that suit your macros/calories the best. I typically spread avocado over the tortilla, use either shredded chicken from my slow cooker or chicken I've baked and prepped, low fat mozzarella, sliced bell peppers, and black beans. They actually taste pretty good cold, but are easy to reheat if you want.

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    Hey there! Can I ask, how are you measuring what you eat? In terms of calories, macros, etc? Checking out how many macros or calories you're taking in during lunch can give you a good idea of what you could add. As @BrowerPower suggested, avocados are a great and healthy way to add some nutritious calories. Tortillas are good if they fit your macros! Maybe consider adding in beans, lentils, lima beans, etc? Swapping out chicken for other lean meats like turkey or fish can change things up a bit too. And there's always room to add a protein shake.

  • Why do you limit yourself to 3 food sources? one it is not smart, and two you are limiting the amount of micronutrients you get.

    Why not use

    • lean beef

    • lean turkey

    • greek yogurt

    • canned tuna

    • lean deli meat

    • trail mix

    • granola

    • White Rice

    • pasta

    • cereal

    • granola bars

    • rice cakes

    • peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

    • almonds

    • nuts

    • avacadoes

    • nut butters

    • oil's

    all of these sources are easy and portable you could even invest in some #quest-variety-packs protein bars or possible Oh Yeah! ONE Bar Variety Pack for protein bars.

    Don't ever slave yourself to x or y because you think you have to eat them. Plenty of other sources out there that will get you to your goal as long as your meeting protein , fiber, fat, and caloric intake.

  • Well this was just my lunch. I consume granola, yogurt, oatmeal and a banana for breakfast. And eat other things, protein shakes, avocado, rice cakes, beans, and rice as snacks on a normal day.

  • Depending on your macros, try roasting vegetables in olive oil (Brussels sprouts, cauliflower, carrots, etc.). The oil will help increase your calories without adding volume. Also, you could add quinoa or rice instead of sweet potatoes. If you want to completely switch it up, overnight oats are easy to prep and you can change the flavor easily.

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