Chest gains

  • So I feel that I have hit a wall when it comes to my bench. I can bench 225 up to 5 times but cant go much higher than that. Do you all have any workout ideas or the workouts that you did to maybe get you past the same point I am at now. I want to get to a point where I can knock 225 out 8 times for 4 sets.

  • Periodization.
    Try hitting it 2x a week. One in a higher rep range, one in a lower rep range.
    Focus on trying diffrent programming methods. Use bench first, and then one workout do bench last. And focus on pre-exhaust to warm up the muscle and focus on proper mind muscle connection. It is not always about 5x5 or doing 4x6. Remember you have to find different ways to stimulate the muscle from multiple angles to get a muscle to grow.

    On top of a good diet program you need to fuel your body properly to make sure you can grow and get some good gains.

    good video:

    Team ScoobyPrep
    Scivation/Primaforce Online Represenative

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