• Favorite pre-workout meals and supps?

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    For me, because I workout in the morning I do six eggs and a 1/2 cup of oatmeal with creatine and my pre-workout which right now is Fuel.


    @Eddie-Matsushima I love #fuel

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    I always eat 2 rice cakes with peanut butter and a banana on top! Always eat carbs before working out!

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    @sdkahn oh and preworkout of course which fuel and Hyde are the only ones that seem to work for me!

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    @sdkahn I have a bagel about an hour before for some carbs and I am currently taking #Fuel as my preworkout and love the energy it gives me

  • @sdkahn I workout in the mornings before classes as well, so I usually have 4 eggs, a cup of oats and 2 pieces of turkey bacon, because I really like bacon. By the time I get to the gym that's all digested so it doesn't really hinder my pre- efficiency. I stack #FUEL with CN3, to date my favorite pre- stack.

    Cody Wilson
    Ohio University

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    #fuel orange soda

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