Breaking through plateaus.

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    Whats up, CP? I've recently had great progress with many of my lifts but I'm currently stuck in a plateau. What suggestions do you guys have to really bust through my plateau with my main lifts? Any program suggestions? My lower body is unproportionally strong compared to my upper body. I am really looking for a program or routine that will help me get my numbers back up.

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    @TheSolution covered a lot of excellent points. Without knowing what your specific goal is -- and it has to be specific, "increasing reps" or "increasing lower body strength" are rather vague goals -- it is difficult to offer any concrete help. Try breaking down exactly what you are trying to do. What are you plateauing on? Do you feel like you just aren't getting any stronger in general? Do you want to focus on lower body more than upper body? Is your main goal strength, definition, bulking, etc? What lifts in particular are you interested in improving?

  • Too much of a black and white question
    We don't know:

    What your nutritoin is like.. you may not be eating enough
    How much cardio you are doing.. doing too much is catabolic and takes away from breaking plateaus
    What program you are running, what you have ran in the past, what has worked well for you, and what did not work for you
    What you are plateauing on? You did not even signify really what the problem was.. And what have you done to address it?
    Some people have a stronger upper than lower. So guess what start squatting and deadlifting, and keep doing it until you make it a strength

    if your bench sucks, guess what.. Fix your form, do it right, and hit it multiple times a week.

    I would look into first.. what the problem is.. adress your nutrition first and foremost. Don't worry about supps focus on the diet and training program which gives you the biggest change for success.

    Is your sleep on schedule?
    Are you stretching and rumble rolling?

    All of these are huge factors.
    Saying how does my routine look or how do i overcome this plateau is too individual and so black and white. There is no clear cut answer because the big picture contains a lot of external factors.

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