• I need a new shoulder routine for growth
    Haaayelp please and thanks 😊

  • There is no "routine for growth"
    Growth comes from a caloric surplus. How you train shoulders wont matter regardless of goal it should always be consistent. What matters most is your nutrition for gaining growth supplying the body with more calories than it needs.

    You wont find people who have been dieting for months gaining size and strength in their shoulders even if their routine is the same.
    I would highly suggest looking into John Meadows Mountain Dog Training

    I would also train them after chest to pre-exhaust them, and leave your pressing movements last to keep your joints from getting jacked up over time. remember longetivity. Start with some laterals and then work into intensity techniques on pressing or drop/accumulation sets.

  • REP

    Hi @Bree-Nicoletti,

    For shoulders I like to incorporate an overhead movement and then immediately jump into a lateral raise. After that I like to work on the rear delts. I usually jump around without a specific plan for shoulders. I always focus on a mind-muscle connection using light weight and listen to my body from there. If you're looking for some fun you can always try hitting a heavy bag, a great way to kill the end of a workout.

  • There's honestly no set secret for shoulder "growth". What I like to do is incorporate compound shoulder movements, such as standing overhead barbell press in the beginning of my workouts. Then, as my workout progresses, I like to do A LOT of dumbbell work and like @NickFindley said really focus on the mind-muscle connection; trying to always keep constant tension on the muscle.
    Don't worry too much about the weight you're lifting, as long as you can control your movements and really focus on squeezing the part of the shoulder you're working on.

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