The One Song

  • Whats the one song you need to hear in the gym???

  • As I Lay Dying - Confined or Through Sturggle

  • @Bam_Banner I love Till I collapse by Eminem

  • I personally have to go with two songs. Marky marks: good vibrations(gets me dancing) then boots and blood by five finger death punch because it's amazing at pumping up.

  • REP

    Pop that by French Montana. Ive have hit a fair share of PR's listening to this song. Before you judge take it in. Here is a link.

  • Anything mgk, or five finger death punch , but the song I go too when I'm struggling is bad mother fu*ker by mgk and kid rock.

  • Chinx- For the Love

  • Nice! Those are some solid tracks, adding some of those to my playlist now! For me, any early Jeezy and waka flocka gets me to where I need to be. But as far as getting my mind right before I start, I always have to play Never Been by Logic

  • No doubt NEW LEVEL by asap ferg! Nothing I can't do when that comes on

  • Hood Go Crazy - Tech N9ne...hands down!

  • REP

    Beast (Southpaw Remix) by Rob Bailey & the Hustle Standard! Hands down the song to get you hyped up!

  • So Common, So Cheap - Blood For Blood
    Die For Your Government - Anti-Flag
    Ghost Walking - Lamb of God
    Let's Go - Lil Jon
    The Pride - Five Finger Death Punch
    Go Hard - Kanye

    Fuck I could go on and on, but those are the first ones that came to mind that I love hearing.

  • Anything by Godsmack gets me pumped! Also the "light em up!" Song by Fallout Boy.

  • No more sorrow or Disturbed- Down with the sickness. old songs but I like them.

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