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    What are two products that you have used together that you found to work the best? Whether it be two fat burners and you saw great results or a mass gainer and a protein that you liked. It can even be a mass gainer and a fat burner, whatever works, works! Any two products that you think work great together

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    I like to superset The Complete Cookie with ice cream.... If you microwave the cookie for 15 seconds you see great results in texture and flavor. As far as supps go, my favorite duo is probably 100% Bio-Active Whey and Creatine 2500 Caps. Keep it simple.

  • @astrahle Yohimbine + Forskolin 95 for fatloss.
    2 proven ingredients with great research to back them.

    For general gym goers:
    Ergonine + Xtend Perform would aid you greatly for endurance, recovery, and performance.

    Staples of a duo you should always use:
    Fishoil and Multivitamin (2-3g of EPA/DHA From your fishoil)
    Creatine/Whey Protein (Best overall supplement + help meet protein intake)

    Xtend Perform Ergonine

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    @astrahle personally for me I've had a few combos that work well together! Probably my favorite and most effective one is the GAINS & GAINS Jr. Stack taking 4 scoops of Bio-Gro a day and one scoop of Serious Mass a day I put on 10 lbs in a month. This coming fall and winter I plan to purchase that stack again and up the serious mass to two scoops a day instead of one! Another duo that was kick ass was the #game-day-pump-powder stack! These two products are great separately but when stacked together, they seem to enhance each other! Hope this helps!

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    @astrahle Whey and creatine, all the way! Can't beat the basics. I really like trying a lot of different brands, and it's hard for me to pick just one favorite. I like Rule One for whey R1 Whey Blend and for creatine I don't have a favorite brand but have always just used creatine monohydrate powder. Never had an issue with bloating or anything like that with it either. Had a lot of awesome gains with the creatine though!

  • For a performance standpoint I would have to swear by these two products Xtend Perform and Ergonine . Not only are both packed with research, the both contain ingredeints in studied and effective dosages. Peak02 is brand new to the market, but PES brought a great all in one product
    Creatine --> Performance, Strength, Endurance
    Betaine --> Performance
    LCLT --> Recovery
    SynerGlut -- > Recovery / Endurance
    HICA --> Recovery and performance.

    Its hard to really match both of these for peri-workout nutrition.

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