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  • What are your guys thoughts on pump producst? Are they a necessary or no?

  • No supplement is necessary. Getting a pump can be done by various factors without any supplement. Try high volume, short rest periods, intensity techniques to get a pump in your training. These are ways to overload the muscle to progress with a pump.

    A pump is simply that. A pump. its not going ot make or break your progress.
    Some ingredients that can help would be

    500-1500mg Agmatine
    6-8g Citrulline (pre-workout)
    200-300mg L-Norvaline
    2-4g of Hydromax or Glycerol

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    @Lauren-Marella I've found that both Pump Powder and NO3 Drive are very effective. In my opinion the Pump Powder worked much better than NO3 Drive and it tastes is not even close. The blue bombsicle flavor is on point! You won't be disappointed with either product. For the NO3 Drive I found the capsules to be more effective than powder! If you get the #game-day-pump-powder stack, they seem to enhance each other in my experience. Only problem I've had with Pump Powder is that it doesn't mix up to well and it gets a little grainy towards the bottom. With that said, it is still totally worth it!!

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    No product is necessary, however, I love High Volume and Pump Powder by MAN ! Love seeing the veins and I dont know, maybe its just me, but a pump always makes me lift harder and better!

  • I got a free sample of the CN3 and loved it. I have since stacked the unflavored with MR. HYDE and have had great workouts with that. Another good pump is DR. JEKYLL

    CN3 by Cellucor

    See other Creatine

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    I only use a pump product on an arm day. They are not necessary at all but my favorite supplement to use is Pump Powder

  • I really think the Assault isn't bad, but as far as pumps, I would deff have to to NOXPLODE by BSN

  • @tamurno1 Interesting - is it the original NO or the new one?

  • I personally love "pump products". Especially since I'm a bodybuilding, near the end of my prep, I can't get a pump to save my life. I just tried Pump by ManSports and LOVED it. Wasn't a harsh products and got some veins to come out with this. The flavors are absolutely amazing too. The blue bombsicle is by far my favorite and taste just like the Popsicle. But I personally like pump products for reasons like this. Well worth the money.

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