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  • Opinions on the best pre workout that doesn't contain no more than 300mg of caffeine??

  • A nice cup of Wawa coffee...if you don't have a Wawa near you or know what one is.....I'm sorry lol.

    But seriously if I recall Fuel only has about 180mg's. I like the way Fuel works much much more than some of the other Pre's I've taken. I don't get that jittery feeling.

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    C4 Original only has 150 mg of caffeine in it. Gold Standard Pre-Work Out has 175 mg of caffeine. Volt doesn't actually say how much it has, but it has 206 mg of its "energy blend". I did not find any pre-workout that had over 300 mg of caffeine in it, for just one scoop.

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    My favorite is Campus Protein #fuel-2nd-generation

  • @astrahle Volt is around 100-110mg of caffeine made up in the blend.

  • I think if you are looking for an all around pre workout at the best price, #fuel-2nd-generation is your best option. It will give you solid strength, insane focus, and great pumps. If you are normal like everyone else, and you need to switch up your Pre's, I would suggest going off of your goals. For Example, I think C4 Ripped is perfect because its creatine free and will help you burn more calories without sacrificing muscle tissue.

  • My favorite pre-workout is Campus Protein FUEL, since it has a super simple ingredient profile that gets the job done. Also, I usually like to add a scoop of Beta-Alanine and a N03 supp into the mix for extra pumps and longevity!

    #cn3-fuel Beta-Alanine Powder #fuel-2nd-generation CN3

    CN3 by Cellucor

    See other Creatine

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