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    What do you mix with the orange Creamsicle Bio-grow? I used water anything else to mix it with that's good?

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    I have mixed Bio-Gro with just about everything in my kitchen. I would recommend mixing it with your low fat greek yogurt or cottage cheese before bed. Oddly enough it actually taste pretty good. I have had success mixing flavored bio-gro with vanilla protein as well. I like you use R1 Protein vanilla.

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    The nice thing about Bio-Gro in all its flavors is it mixes so well with just about everything. I always made my shakes with a little skim milk, flax milk, etc and blended it with whey, fruit, etc. Or just milk to flavor it a little. You can also make healthy ice cream by freezing up some overripe bananas, then blending them really smooth in a food processor or good blender - you can add the Bio-Gro to it and that's all you need, instant ice cream. Seriously just frozen bananas. You could add other fruits if you want but it really tastes just like ice cream and orange creamsicle is the perfect flavor to mix into that.

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