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    What are some good exercises to target the forearms directly?

  • You can do a couple things. If you want to hit multiple parts of the body do farmers walk. Pick up some heavy dumbbells and just walk for a certain distance to the point where you can't hold the weight anymore. It also works your back so you don't round forward at the shoulders. If you want something stationary, you could take multiple 5 pound plates and squeeze them together, not letting any fall out. Finally, you can always just go take a barbell behind the back and have it in the tips of your fingers and just curl up and down. Those are my favorites.

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    Hang. Find a pull up bar and just hang, that will get your grip on fire. I also do farmers carries with a 25 pound plate and just use my finger tips on the edge of the plate; those are fun.

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    Something that I like to do is curl my wrists up first before i do a bicep curl. It gives you a good forearm flex, in addition to hitting your bicep. It's my favorite because it hit's two parts of your arm at once!

  • I agree with @Kip_SweeneyCP farmer's walk works really well. I actually like to do a 1-mile farmer's walk from time to time when trying to shake up my morning cardio. Also, rope/towel pull-ups incorporate all of your forearm muscles and gives you insane grip strength.

  • Reverse grip bicep ez bar curls. Holding dumbells at your side and turning your wrists

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