• Do you guys do deadlifts on leg day or back day and why?

  • REP

    Back day! I like to keep my motion ranges together. Whether it's push or pull day, in the case of deadlifting. If I am shooting for a max, I will let it have it's own day with some added extra movements after.

  • You could do them on either because of the overlap in hamstrings/posterior chain. Just make sure you accompany the load, volume, and bodyparts you are targeting properly. You do not want to overstimulate a muscle or not allow it to recover properly.

  • Territory Manager

    I've been doing mine on leg day! Especially if I do legs twice a week I'll have a day with squats and one with deadlifts. It activates a lot more of hamstrings/glutes for me personally (obviously with everything else thrown in there).

  • Regular Deads on Back Day
    Stiff Leg Deadlifts on Leg day


    Rack Deadlifts on back day
    Stiff leg deadlifts on Leg day
    a good way to break up the deadflit into two days without overlapping body parts.

  • REP

    Back day, simply because Deadlifts are extremely exhausting and demanding. To pair that with back squats would not be fun. I do front squat after deadlifts though.

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