Grilled Chicken and Rice

  • So the grilled chicken at my school is extremely dry and the rice has no flavor. Any tips on sauces that aren't that unhealthy that can be added for some extra kick?

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    try mustard which the macros are basically 0 everything. or walden farms has sauces like ketchup and BBQ !

  • @Drew-DeNoble You can try hot sauce. Also, if you are trying to cut then it will help with boosting your metabolism and keeping you more full due to it reducing a hormone that stimulates hunger.

  • Hot Sauce
    Buttery Spray
    1-carb ketchup
    Sriracha Hot Sauce
    Trader Joes Green Sriracha Hot Sauce.

  • x2 @Gabriella-Capogreco When I was in contest prep I was putting mustard on almost everything. Salsa is a good way to add some flavor without adding many carbs.

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    @thefitmurse legit put mustard on eerything!

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    @Drew-DeNoble Sriracha or die.

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    If you're a fan of hot sauce, I second what @Kip_SweeneyCP said - it can definitely help with fitness goals as it has well-documented benefits. There's a good article about that here, along with different ideas for how you can fit in some spicy stuff into different dishes. Capsaicin (the stuff that makes peppers spicy) helps with everything from muscle soreness to hunger, so it's worth working in. Other than spicy stuff - apple cider vinegar, or various kinds of vinegars in general, and a little olive oil or avocado oil can help kill blandness. Healthy vinaigrettes are a good bet too.

  • @NickFindley while i am a hot sauce junkie you may want to look into Tumeric as well. It has some health benefits for your liver, and it is used in many indian/curry dishes. This will help spicen up your food and give you some added seasoning not only are the health benefits great but it can be seen by other bodybuilders as well

  • I would definitely add a few spritz of butter spray onto the rice and chicken. A great method is to go buy some MCT coconut oil and drizzle a little onto the chicken and rice then pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Instant juicy chicken!

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