Mr Hyde and NO3

  • Hey guys, thinking about trying the ProSupps Mr Hyde and pairing it with NO3. Anyone tried this combo yet? I was using Dr Jekyll but the energy wasn't quite strong enough, just the pump.
    If you've tried the combo, any flavor pairing suggestions? Cotton candy sounds fire but I'm not sure what it's go well with since they don't have cotton candy NO3. Thanks!

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    You could always go with Cotton Candy High Volume by PEScience? Otherwise do the pulled forms of NO3 Chrome, or you can always just mix and match. My stack right now is Cotton Candy High Volume, Jungle Juice Fuel (just ran out), and a little extra Creatine monohydrate added in. Two scoops of the High Volume and Fuel and a half a scoop of Creatine does the trick.

  • Thanks @CPTroy! I'm staying away from creatine right now since I'm looking to do a mini cut rather than gain. God knows I made plenty of gains during the holidays (not all muscle unfortunately :( haha. I was actually deciding between the ProSupps stack and Pescience high volume/alphamine stack for a preworkout so your recommendations are helpful! Didn't even consider fuel.

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    @amanda_cos You're very welcome! Just know that Creatine, while good for adding strength is not attributed to a bulk. I am about 3 weeks in on my cut and have been supplementing Creatine to try to keep my strength during my cut and am down 18 lbs. However, that being said you know you body better than anyone else, so use what works the best for you! I have tried Alphamine as well, so if you have any questions about any PEScience supps, reach out!

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    @amanda_cos I have tried this combo and it works pretty damn good! You get the jolt of energy that comes with MR. HYDE NitroX and the pump from the NO3 Drive with that being said, I prefer Pump Powder over no3 for a pump product. I've found that the #game-day-pump-powder stack has worked great! You get good energy from Game Day and a killer pump from pump powder. I've tried both of these combos and both have worked great but I definitely recommend the #game-day-pump-powder stack over the Hyde and no3! Hope this helps out!

    Game Day by MAN

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  • @CPTroy I love that combo because High Volume use high quality nitrates to give solid pumps!

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