Dymatized Iso 100

  • Has anyone tried the dymatized Iso100? I really want to try the birthday cake or the cinnamon bun but I'm afraid it won't be good.

  • Word on the street BDAY Cake is unreal and very good. I have not tried it, but heard nothing but good things.

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    I can only imagine cooking with BDAY Cake protein in pancakes, oatmeal, and others.

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    I take Iso 100 as my post and currently have the birthday cake and it is amazing!!! I've never been disappointed by any of their protein flavors!

  • @CPTroy

    Like this?

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    @TheSolution my man! I'm gonna make some peanut butter cup protein ice cream later! How is the Cinnamon Roll/Bun flavor for Cor?

  • @CPTroy Cinnamon Swirl
    Tastes like Cinnamon Toast Crunch.

  • I really enjoy Dymatize Iso 100. It was my go to protein for a very long time. I got the birthday cake flavor in the 5Lb container and that was my problem. The taste is good, however, it was too much for me. Having it everyday after my workout started to make me sick of it. I would recommend it though, just make sure you like sweet tasting protein.

  • Has anyone tried the fudge brownie? Was hoping to order a chocolate based one...couldn't decide between iso 100 fudge brownie and ON standard

  • @kmclark1 Cinnamon Bun ISO 100 is one of the best protein powders you will ever buy. On the other hand, I found the birthday cake to be way too sweet.

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