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    Alright, so I'm looking to pick up a Creatine supplement off of the site and I'm stuck. I have tried a bunch before, and discontinued use before I noticed any sizable differences in strength. I have tried #creatine and Ergonine but I have heard good things from the new SMART Creatine and CN3. Any help?

    CN3 by Cellucor

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  • Buy Bulk creatine monohydrate
    it is the #1 studied ingredient on the market for a reason.
    Add it to your pre/intra/post workout beverage. or take it anytime of the day.
    As long as you get 5g for 30 days, then 3-5g on workout days the body will be fully saturated.
    No need to load, or cycle your creatine. Just take it as you wish and whenever you would like.
    Pretty straight forward. Creatine is held intra-cellular not extracellular so the whole myth of creatine holding water is a far stretch. Athletes or competitors take it through their contests to help keep training intensity, strength, and performance high. It will also help fill our your muscles in the process.
    Steak & Fish hold minor cretine amounts in them as well

    There is almost no research to back the new "Smart Creatine" besides a flashy label and marketing.
    Creatine is not something you will feel personally (like a stimulant)
    CN3 will be a bit more per serving compared to bulk monohydrate, but you are bonding a nitrate to the equation and ingredient. Nitrates will improve performance, endurance, and strength but it may be a lot more per serving than base creatine mono.

  • I started taking it about a month ago and I absolutely love it. I noticed a substantial increase in strength! Also, Fuel has it in the mix (CPFact) and I felt like I could work out for hours. In short, I think it is highly beneficial if you are looking to push around some more weight. #clangclang

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    @TheSolution So go with the CN3, or stick with Creatine Monohydrate?

  • @CPTroy Monohydrate. Just make sure you get 5g for 30 days, then 3-5g on workout days
    no need to load/cycle


    Total body creatine pool turnover is ~2 grams per day. So, if you've neared saturation from use of creatine over an extended period of time, then you are not going to retain more than ~2 grams no matter what. ~3 grams (+/- a little dpending upon LBM) is really all that's needed. As you can see from the Cr group below, most of the 10 grams of creatine taken at once goes down the toilet.

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    All you need is Creatine Monohydrate, that has the creapure label on it. Then simply take 5g a day everyday. I recommend the universal creatine its cheap and does the job.

  • I like a combination of what you showed us. I would suggest taking Ergonine daily. This is like a multi-vitamin for muscle recovery and staying anabolic. I would also use @TheSolution technique and pick up some Mono to have a cost effective stack. This whey you will be getting all the creatine you NEED + muscle building nutrients from Ergonine

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    @FJDoug22 Most pre workouts have 1-2 grams of creatine in them, unless it is something like #C4Ripped or #MrHydeCuts since those are made to help lose weight, including water weight.

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