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    Does anyone prep meals for class? I have really long days on Tuesday and would like to bring a dish with meat and veggies but can not keep it warm. Suggestions?

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    Chicken is my preferred protein of choice when I have to eat a cold meal in class. Depending on your preferences on carbs, take a slice or two of ezekiel bread for a carb source. Also, depending on how long you have to go without food, take a casein shake before your long day of classes. I recommend R1 Casein or Gold Standard 100% Casein.
    I hope this helps.

  • Cold eggs and chicken
    Microwave it before class, (even if it will get cold) so they are cooked.
    You can easily do jerkey, hard boiled eggs, string cheese, protein bars
    and the same with cooking before hand with veggies

    Broccoli or greens with chicken/beef/eggs are always my staples

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    @alexleight I like going to Wegmans and buying the steamable bags of broccoli or spinach, as wells as the precooked bags of chicken breast. It's an easy throw in a container and go meal for busy days. Another recipe I have is to make Mason Jars full of 1/3 cup of steel cut oats, and a cup of Almond Milk and mix with a scoop of desired protein. Let sit in fridge overnight, and it should become a mushy consistency. Tons of flavor, and helps satiate hunger. Plus, it's good on macros too!

  • Another go to meal i forgot to bring up is rice pudding
    6 oz greek yogurt + 4-5oz of cooked rice + 1 scoop whey
    Mixes up thick and a good Protein + Carb meal that is transportable.

  • Any food except carrots or celery. Learned that the hard way when everyone turns around and looks at you from the noises these crunchy foods make.

  • @m.kfitt String cheese , or hard boiled eggs work much easier (peel before going to class) soft and not going to make the crunchy noise. I see some protein bars do the same. But if they are softer (fit elite, quest when microwaved) you will be alright.

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