• Best way to make gains and recover?


    I'd recommend Combat 100% Isolate

    Alternatively, Combat 100% Casein


    @sdkahn check out C4 Original

  • @myewdell is looking small, should really check out Super Mass Gainer and get his weight up. What do you think? @AStock @arendamb @trennercp

  • @zack1921 @myewdell might need to double his dose but it'll get the job done

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    Have you ever tried Bio-Gro @sdkahn

  • @zack1921 testing Bio-Gro

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    @sdkahn I always drink a protein shake right after I workout. You don't NEED to do it right after but that's my preference. Then I'll eat like a rice cake too. Carbs and protein 🙌🏻

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    @sdkahn best way to make gains is to make sure you are taking protein and casein and make sure you are consuming enough food to refuel your body as well as getting enough rest!!

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    A really good non-supplement is cottage cheese. It has 12 grams of protein, I think, for just half a cup. It does have a good amount of casein so it is excellent thing to take before bed to avoid protein degradation throughout the night. In addition, eggs are good. They have been proven to increase testosterone production.

  • I always take Optimum Nutrition Mass Gainer with Bio-Gro 30-45 minutes after my workout. Great option if you are looking to make gains.


  • @CampusProtein Serious Mass

  • I usually down 2 scoops of protein and a couple poptarts or some gummy bears (sometimes both lol) for some nice fast digesting carbs. Post-workout is the best time to indulge a bit because your body will put it to good use repairing and recovering.

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    @ben.burkett why are fast-digesting carbs better than slow-digesting when eating a "meal" post workout (gummy bears > rice/pasta)?

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    @KFedermann high GI foods, sweats mostly, will spike insulin. Because of that, the body will be able to move and store nutrients easier, and since your muscles are damaged, it will go there.

  • I usually lift in the morning so if I'm running late, I'll do a protein shake but if I have extra time, I'm definitely all about protein pancakes and a side of egg whites. If I'm feeling' real fancy and have extra macros, I'll throw in some turkey bacon too. Mmmmm.... I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!

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  • The need for something immediate post-workout is pretty minimal for most athletes or gym goers. Most chances are they have had a pre-workout meal, or an intra-workout BCAA/EAA beverage where protein levels will be elevated. The need to spike protein levels so fast and so quick in a short time period will go against MPS (Muscle Protein Synthesis)
    as noted in the PDF BELOW:

    Also a great study done by alan aragon showing for most cases as explained above the something instant right away is a far stretch. if you have had a pre-workout meal most chances it will be digesting into the post-workout period. Even if it was a mixed meal it would be digesting upward to 4-6 hours, and if you ate, trained for 60-90 minutes you could be fine waiting an hour or so to eat post-workout because of food overlap from the pre-workout period. Which is demonstrated here:

    "Due to the transient anabolic impact of a protein-rich meal and its potential synergy with the trained state, pre- and post-exercise meals should not be separated by more than approximately 3–4 hours, given a typical resistance training bout lasting 45–90 minutes. If protein is delivered within particularly large mixed-meals (which are inherently more anticatabolic), a case can be made for lengthening the interval to 5–6 hours. "

    The key factor is this if you train fed, you should be fine to skip on all the supps right away and you can go home and eat. If you want to have a shake by all means, but it most likely will not be necessary with an adequate pre-workout meal or intra-workout BCAA beverage.

    If you traine fasted a BCAA/EAA beverage of 10g pre-workout would be ideal (as noted by martin on relate the fasted training template then meal 1 following your workout.

    At the end of the day meeting your total macronutrients is what matters most. If you fuel your body for optimal training performance and it settles easy and digests that is what matters. You dont need to have a pre-workout meal 60 minutes before the gym, train and then ea shake after your last set and then another meal 60 minutes later. That much food and meals in a short time span is doing more harm than good in relation to muscle protein synthesis.

  • @ben.burkett Huge fan of the post workout pop tart!

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