Time Under Tension Training

  • Anyone have any experience with time under tension training? If so, how have you incorporated it in your training program?

  • Time under tension is a little misunderstood. By living on Earth we are constantly under tension, but this force is so miniscule it cannot break down the muscle fibers to cause growth. By focusing on TUT instead of progressive overload, intensity, and proper periodization, you are choosing something of low importance over many factors of higher importance.

    Eric Helms on TUT:

    Layne Norton on TUT:

  • I will also throw in Dr Zoudus who does a lot of Layne's training (in the past) with DUP
    TUT is basically a different way to stimulate the muscle with longer periods of "Simulation"

    weather it is through longer eccentrics or concentric. Or finding ways to place an overload on the muscle through various rep tempo's and schemes.

    As layne has noted in the video, there is not a lot of data to truly back or support it via science.

    At the end of the day. Lift smart, make sure you feel the muscle working, and focus on progressive overload.


  • On some lighter training days I definitely use tut training for main workouts, just to keep it some what challenging. Not extremely often though, just for a quick switch.

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