Summer Goals and Stack

  • Summer is coming up. Some of us are adding weight to build a bigger base. Some of us are trying to shed up and get that summer shred look.

    What is everyone's Goal? What is your supplement Stack?
    I will start

    Current Goal : To lean up after last competing in 2012 at Nationals in Pittsburgh. I currently was at my all time heaviest in the offseason moving from a LightWeight to a Middleweight (154 to 176 cutoff) Adding 22 pound of LBM in a few years is not easy, and it has been a patient period trying to stay lean and add quality size. Currently got up to 185 and looking to lean down.

    Current supps I am using:
    Cellucor, Scivation, PES Whey (For To Meet Whey Intake)
    Cellucor Creatine (Pre-Workout if needed, but M5 Covers it)
    Cellucor M5 Reloaded (Pre-workout)
    Cellucor Cor BCAA // Alpha Amino (BCAA)
    Controlled Labs OxiMega (Fish Oil)
    Controlled labs Orange Triad (Multi)
    NOW Vitamin D (To help reach Vitamin D)
    EvoMuse Gut Health (Probiotic)
    NOW Digestive Enzymes (Enzyme taken with meals)
    PES/Athletix Ergonine (Pre-Workout)

    Supps I will Add:
    Forskolin 95 (50-100mg) will spread out dose 6-8 hours apart
    Yohimbine HCL (Start at 2.5mg and work up to .02mg/kg) when i start stalling.
    Burner and Thermo TBD --> Most likely Alphamine//Norcodrene

    I have Ran Alphamine + F95 + Yohimbine two times in the past and has treated me very well. Why fix what aint broken?

    SO far over 6 weeks I have just added a touch of cardio (After doing next to none) and lowered calories a bit and still have the weightloss rolling. Saving all supplements for the last resort and push.

    Lets hear your goals and stacks.

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